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Been playing around with the…  §

Been playing around with the MiniDisc player I picked up. Making up some discs for carrying around campus. MiniDisc beats the hell out of MP3 right now. Why? Because it sounds as good or better, but the media is way cheaper and more available. It’s like this:

32MB of SmartMedia = ~30 min. decent MP3 = $50.00-$60.00 per.
650MB of MiniDisc = ~74 min. CD-quality = $2.00 per.

So you can either pay about $2.00 per minute of MP3 storage with an MP3 player (which I have, but won’t be spending any more cash on) or around $0.03 per minute of CD-quality storage with a MiniDisc player. Ummm… Duh.

Not to mention that you can go and buy MiniDiscs in 3-packs at MediaPlay or Wal-Mart, while SmartMedia and CompactFlash cards for MP3 players are much harder to come by in the retail sector.

Why not just burn a few CDs for a portable CD player or a CD-MP3 player?

1. Skips. Lots, at least compared to mem-MP3 or MiniDisc.
2. Size. CDs are just too damn big to carry around.
3. Fragility. CDs scratch, bend, etc. too easily.

Apparently I’m now a music junkie in addition to a gaming junkie.

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