Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I am beginning to understand……  §

I am beginning to understand… I am a greyscale person in a color world. Too many people don’t understand the beauty and elegance of black and white. Color is garish and undisciplined, so common…

Why did Jobs have to kill off Newton? I really need something to hold my entire self in, but I hesitate to lean toward Newton because if something should happen… I could lose my mind. But what else is there? Nothing. Everything today is just a shirt-pocket filofax. No good. No good.

I hate 2001 and I hated 2000. I hated 1999 and even 1998. Whatever happened to the Berlin wall? Whatever happened to proper recessions? Who can I kill? Who can I kill?

And where are all of these damn kaleidoscopics coming from? I want to look out the window and see distance and calm, not immediacy and commodity frenetics. I hate the world as God made it. I hate America. I want to be on old-time television. I want to watch PBS in 1985, but you can never go home again.

It’s never as good as it was or as good as it could have been but it always seems to cost more than it should and the asshole yuppies always seem to eat it up, pedantic uncompromising anal pricks that they are.

I want Mr. Hooper. I want Red Square everywhere. I want rain.

I want rain.

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