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Just got back from a…  §

Just got back from a long day of money-losing. My taxes for 2000 are done. I have been run through the grinder, penalized, pulverized and pauperized.

I had to file a 1040, a 1040-V, a Schedule C, a Schedule D, a Schedule SE, form 2210, form 4562, form 4797 and form 8863. That’s nine separate forms, some of which are multiple pages long and took quite a while to complete. All of this calculation and all of that money out the door, just to tax an average college student. I could have had someone else do it, of course — I did last year. But that cost me over $300.00 and it turns out it wasn’t even deductible this year because it fell below my standard deduction and I didn’t itemize. What a load of nonsense and shit.

It’s nuts.

National value-added sales tax, where are you? Let’s get rid of this income tax mess and tax people for boats, planes, cars, computers and other non-necessities — at the register. No sales tax on food or (reasonable) clothing or similar items, of course. I’d pay double just to get rid of this shit and of my incredible fear of the IRS, who have been known to shoot people who didn’t pay up…

I’m all in favor of need-based redistribution by a central authority, but there are much better ways to do it.

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