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I’ve fallen in love with…  §

I’ve fallen in love with Northern Exposure. I never gave the show a chance when it was on the networks… I saw chunks of it once or twice, but I always dismissed it as just an interesting pile of character studies and a quaint little comedy. Probably I had an aversion also to it because Lydia and July (a.k.a. David’s little sisters) always called me “Ed” after the character by the same name on the snow.

But damn… I had no idea then how deep it really is. Wow. And I don’t mind at all being identified with Ed now. Not that I ever did… But now it actually gives me a curious kind of satisfaction.

My taping habits will now change. Screw Homicide. Time to tape Northern Exposure. Call me pitiful, but I feel like I’m being taught when I watch it.

Other stuff… Wrote a paper in advance for a change, so I’m not stressing so bad today for the paper due tomorrow morning, though I’ve got one due tomorrow evening that I’ll have to write tomorrow afternoon. I wrote some good lines last night. First time in a while that I’ve really been happy about my writing. Thinking seriously about philosophy suddenly as a possibility for grad school. It may be a good fit. I realized that more than anything else, I spend my time sitting and thinking about myself and where myself falls in relation to everything and everyone else… and just what “everyone else” and “myself” mean, really. I mean, that’s my vice if I have one.

Reading Being and Nothingness again, just to bother myself and waste time.

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