Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Semester really over.  §

Final essay submitted for my Pharaonic Egypt class. Yes, an essay rather than a paper in an anthropology class. Reading over it, it’s definitely a romantic statement rather than an intellectual one, but given the subject matter and the scope of the assignment (which was almost entirely personal), I think a little romance may be appropriate.

God I’m wordy right now. Comes from revising a rhetorical essay for an hour or two. I’ll watch some TV before I hit the sack and that’ll bring me back down to Roseanne’s level.

Feeling a little better yesterday and today, but still definitely not at full power. Haven’t even read my e-mail for a few days while I try to recover my breath and wits. Hopefully by Monday, I’ll be feeling well for the week-long break between my classes, during which I either have to get a job or get something published really fast. *smirk*

P.S. to everyone: I will be moving hosting sites soon, so the deep URLs for my pages will change. The domain www.leapdragon.net will continue to point to the correct location — it will be transparently switched after the move is made so if you find at some point that your old bookmark(s) don’t work, just re-enter through www.leapdragon.net and bookmark the new page(s).

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