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Some days you get scammed…  §

Some days you get scammed twice.

First Security Bank sold out to Wells Fargo Bank. So of course my account gets moved across. I don’t mind. But I get my new debit card and what does it say? The type of account I’ve been converted to has a daily purchase limit of $500 using the card and a daily cash-out limit of $300. What the hell do I do with that? When I pay my tuition now, I either have to show at the little payment window four days in a row, $500 each time, or I have to go to an ATM and get cash six days in a row, $300 each day, and for that time I can’t buy anything else with it. Nonsense and bullshit. Not to mention that the fees at Wells Fargo are high. Time to find a new bank.

Next scam… Auto insurance. I accidentally let my insurance lapse. It’s only been a few days, and I call up Progressive to pay the bill with my (newly limited) VISA debit card and get insured again so that I can drive to class on Monday. What do I get told? Renewal denied. There have been policy changes, but at first they won’t tell me what they are. No problem, they say, I can just open up a new policy instead of re-activating the old one.

“Okay,” I think, “I’ll do that.” But then I find out what the policy changes are. Now I have to insure every other person of driving age in the house on my policy, even though I own my car and only I drive it. This means that I will pay insurance for five adults instead of just myself. I tell them that the other drivers all have insurance of their own and that they never drive my car. That they’ll be double-covered for a car they don’t even drive and I’ll be footing the bill. “Well,” the stupid woman says, “we’re taking the risk, aren’t we?”

No, you’re not, you stupid cow, because after much dicking around with other insurance companies (try all day), I found one that doesn’t have this ridiculous, unethical policy. Geico is willing to insure me on my car and exclude the other people I live with from my insurance policy. Stick that in your portfolio and wriggle, Progressive.

This shit reminds me of the IRS “self-employment tax” scam. I have no employer, so I have to pay twice, the IRS says. They’re taking the risk, so people in this house have to be insured twice, the insurance companies say. And I don’t know what the fuck Wells Fargo is thinking, limiting people to $500 a day on the balance in their own God-damned checking account.

Too damn much money involved in all of this. Makes me remember why I’m an economic leftist. Oops… I’ve just stated a policital affiliation in my diary. Time to go and say twenty Hail Marys. Trust me, I already feel a ton of shame about my huge-ass computer system and CD/DVD collection. Really.

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