Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I hate school and I’m…  §

I hate school and I’m way tired of Anthropology. I’m tired of English. I’m tired of academics and of white collar work. It’s meaningless. University is a free-market hoax. When does your life begin? Never. You’re always studying and trying to get by. What do you have to talk about? Nothing. Your last homework assignment. Who can you relate to? Only the other students who also don’t have time to talk to you. What does it get you? The same wage as a taxi driver, except he makes friends, gets tips, travels and has days that differ from one another.

It may be time to end this diary until I get out of school and on with things. Certainly I’ve had nothing of value to say for two years now while I’ve been studying. I’m not sure why I’m still studying, except that I’m so close to being done it almost doesn’t matter one way or the other so I might as well cling until I slide off.

I want to paint it black.

Hey Jennie, if you still read this thing, today I could wring your neck for ever having existed in the first place! Well, there at least is something different.

I am leaving waste behind… waste and Sundays. Shut up and get out already. I’m drinking.

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