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Monthly Archives: September 2001

Here we go again. The…  §

Here we go again. The evil look is back. Dark and beautiful, like the end of the year and the end of my undergraduate career. Now on to the real stuff… pillage, plunder, violent successes and excesses to make bluebeard blush. I wish.

But probably not. Anyway, the new layout hopefully gives everyone more changing crap on the front page and less useless crap buried below the front page. God knows I’ve worked way too hard on it (I underestimated the complexity of the needed scripts when I started). Both old pages are still around, too. Links at bottom.

Mac-using friends: I gave up on trying to support IE5 for Mac somewhere in the middle of the night after fighting it for three hours. It’s a steaming pile of… Well, anyway, if you’re a Mac user, better stick to Mozilla.

Hey, friends, e-mail me and tell me what needs to be fixed on the site, please. I hate having sh!t broken all over the place.

After a week or more…  §

After a week or more of being effectively offline, I am once again hosted somewhere and I have my e-mail and Web space back. Proves you can have e-trouble even with your own domain to manage.

Next task… build a Web page to paste a new Web diary into. Something a little more evil that than last steaming pile, I think. Too much damned peace and tranquility…