Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

So I’m finally starting to…  §

So I’m finally starting to wean myself from the whole terrorism thing. I’m down to only three or four hours a day watching CNN and I’m working on thinking about real life again. Like everyone else, I’ve thought about my life over the last couple of weeks and some things have changed.

I’d always fought with myself about whether to study archaeology, anthropology, English or film in graduate school. Now I’m almost sure that I’m heading in another direction. I’m looking at communications once again. Specifically, either print or broadcast journalism. It’s a minor stretch, but doable I think. I’ve always loved history, but not really in history books so much as in formats intended for mass-consumption. Watching the news coverage of these events has made the decision both obvious and easy.

Bought a monitor today, for what it’s worth. It’s damn hard to get one that looks good. Damn hard.

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