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Anyone who thinks that this…  §

Anyone who thinks that this terrorism has nothing to do with Israel, Palestine and double standards is smoking fancy weed indeed. Take a moment and read some of the Arabic dailies to see what half of the world thinks of the U.S. and Israel right now — even those who support the U.S. retaliation feel sorry for us and our ignorance. And the damn fools who say we just need to crack down like Israel does in order to have some security are even more stupid than that.

How much security does Israel have? There are armed guards everywhere, young people have to enlist and drive tanks, crackdowns are routinely spoken of, and still a bomb goes off and nails innocent citizens every other weekend. The Israelis have no security and they never will until they pull their heads out of the sand and make peace. Aside from the obvious fact that Americans would never agree to live as the Israelis do, it is also important to realize that it would do no good anyway — at a certain point (which we have clearly passed), violence makes the uprising angrier, not more frightened.

I sympathize very much with all of the victims in the WTC and Pentagon bombings, and I sympathize very much with Americans who fear for their lives today (in some ways, I am one of them) — but I also sympathize for many of the citizens of the Middle East who are normal people like you and I dying every day of unnatural causes because they’re so far away and differently colored than us that we feel we don’t need to think about them. This applies to citizens of Palestine (who are getting nailed in large numbers by tanks and missiles after throwing pebbles), yes, to citizens of Israel (outside the government and right wing), and to citizens of Afghanistan who are right now watching rubble sweet home get flattened even more efficiently by the Americans than by the Russians before us.

People are people. In the end, the vast majority of them just want to live.

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