Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Sometimes you’re spending ten minutes…  §

Sometimes you’re spending ten minutes hating everything, other times you’re spending ten minutes loving everything and still other times your skull just hurts. Ironic now, but that’s something else entirely. Busy Monday ahead.

Got to head back to campus to negotiate for the release of the hostage, plus I’ve finally got to get the referral forms to the talking heads so that I can pass to the next level. Also got to find a job so that the IRS doesn’t come and shoot me down, knock on wood, and that won’t be fun at all. Been trying, but so far things have been a little sparse. Probably that’s as a result of hubris — after all once you’ve written a few books and managed a few Web sites you hate to start ringing up slurpees, but it looks like it’s time to say “entry level” and lower my sights, especially considering the fact that I absolutely refuse to do “professional” and am even fairly wary of “business casual”.

Looking for inspiration but realistically experiencing some serious writers’ block. I’m not nearly inspired or technically good enough to hit the “real” freelance market either (have to lose a limb or be a bum for a while to do that) so there’s nothing doing on that front.

No, I don’t fit, and I don’t keep a clean house either. Shoot me.

P.S. Mail server seems to be down again so if you can’t get to me now (should have managed that damned thing myself) try, try again.

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