Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I finally managed to catch…  §

I finally managed to catch a friend’s radio show (normally I have trouble seeing straight that early in the morning) and I got some eBay deals taken care of and a minor market survey done, but otherwise ’twas another Monday that got away from me in a big way. And in truly Monday fashion, my laundry is disappearing on me again. I hate that, it means I will have to go out and buy clothes again. I wonder where it all goes — I lose it like I lose everything else that I handle for more than four seconds.

I did have a fairly productive weekend (from my perspective) — pulled out Lame and Paranoia once again with my own mp3bot script to re-encode all of my discs with -r3mix, got out and got some photo-ing done and did a little bit of writing. Need to do more writing and more reading, I’ve sort of forgotten about the humanities in the push to graduate and then get a job. More writing and more reading.

It’s a little strange, but I also saw rather a lot of football over the weekend. It’s like after all of the CNN and highbrowing I’ve been doing lately, I just needed to reconnect with something light from childhood. I’m not a big sports guy, but it was cool. I even got in an argument with someone over the BCS vs. playoffs. (Playoffs are needed.) Also saw the MLS cup game (yes, both types of football seen here) but cheered for the wrong team…

Side note: anyone remember Three Mile Island? On camera: There’s been a minor incident, but it’s completely under control, nothing the public should worry about, everybody don’t panic and go about your business as usual while the authorities handle it completely. Off camera: What is going on? Does anyone know exactly where the threat is or how far it has developed? Does anyone have a plan? Does anyone know exactly what the HELL is going on? Should we evacuate or what? Not yet? Whatever. If you watch the news at all, this may seem very familiar…

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