Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I’ve applied to be a…  §

I’ve applied to be a UN volunteer. We’ll see if I get an offer. If so, I’ll need to work with them on a few details, so even then it may end up not being an option. There’s a reasonable chance that I’ll move to the west coast instead sometime early in the year. Things could get interesting quickly.

Or they could all stay the same. *sigh* I certainly hope not.

I wish Israel and Palestine would get it together and stop the tit-for-tat nonsense. I realize that cultural realities make relating difficult — but it’s very tiring, even as a distant American, to watch two wonderful peoples knock the shit out of each other… and all, of course as we knock the shit out of half of the middle east, as usual.

Here’s hoping for a new year full of international understanding.

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