Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Christmas coming. Trying to get…  §

Christmas coming. Trying to get the cards together, do some shopping on my (wildly limited) budget, feel the cheer… Unfortunately, I haven’t really felt the cheer since I was little. Some moments, I feel definite anti-fscking-cheer. Like now.

Why do people have to be so damned cautious? Don’t know. Personality differences, I guess. I tried to go down that road once, and I learned my lesson. Trying to grow up and be responsible and serious about things got me fat, miserable, and dumped. That was 1999. This is now. Never let yourself become too private or too cautious; both are just two or three heart attacks waiting to happen.

I really need to be moving on. Really.

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