Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

In the tradition of the…  §

In the tradition of the Jap, the Nigger, the Hun and the Chink, the American media and propaganda machine has now produced the “Arab” — a caricature, a falsehood, but universally hated. There is, of course, nothing redeeming about the Arab at all. He is a rat, vermin, just like the Jap. He is dumb like the Nigger. He is evil like the Hun and shifty like the Chink. Worst of all for this horrible Arab, you know in your heart that he is the child of a lesser God, not your God. No wonder you hate him so!

I know how this feels. I was beaten up at school every day beginning at age five because I was the half-breed son of a Chink and a Hun. Parents threatened me because of what this little half-breed was supposed to have done to their spouses or brothers or fathers in Vietnam or in World War II. As long as life here isn’t safe for the Arab, it won’t be safe for me and the other Chinks, Huns, Japs and Niggers. I need to get out of this country. Since September 11th, it’s making me crazy, absolutely unbalanced, just to be in the company of all these hateful, selfish, spiteful, self-righteous people who call themselves Americans.

Some of you really should know better, too. After all, some of you are Kikes. If this Chink-Hun can understand why it’s bad to hate an Arab just because he’s an Arab, why can’t a Kike — who’s grandparents were tortured in the evil of the concentration camps — figure it out? Are memories really that short? Is humanity really that limited?

Maybe if I go to Germany or China or the middle east (so many people these days seem to think I look Arabic — imagine that), I’ll be accepted and not one of the hunted. But probably not. Maybe the world is only safe for bleach-white non-Germanic protestants.

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