Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I was looking at some…  §

I was looking at some old pictures of myself from the early nineties and wondering at how far things have (and have not) come. It is good to have a goal. Right now, my goal is to study in Europe, either am Nordsee in Germany or in some out-of-the-way area in the UK — Glasgow? Belfast? — I’m having a pile of applications and prospectuses sent.

Meanwhile, I’ve stopped my independent study of Arabic for the moment, because right now it’s tough explain to someone just why you are checking that particular book out or why (when you are trying to remember new words) you are walking around mumbling to yourself in what sounds like a “terrorist language” to them. Right now America is full of nothing but lies, damn lies and statistics; the prevailing wisdom is that only members of Hamas and wannabe John Walkers know how to speak Arabic.

Meanwhile, how about that Enron? Preventing employees from trading to salvage some of their retirement while at the same time the top dogs were selling like crazy, making huge bucks and thereby driving the stock downward in a spiral that would break most of the rank-and-file completely. Then they paid themselves multi-million dollar holiday bonuses even as their company went under and their workers went bankrupt.

And their best friends are running the nation right now.

Just how brainwashed are Americans? How long will they continue to let themselves be raped before they’ll wake up and demand a little bit of common sense? Just goes to show that if you flatter a people enough, tell them they’re the best, they have the moral high ground, they’re God’s chosen people, they’re the only truly free people in the world, etc., you can make them smile broadly even while eating horse shit.

Know what else gets me? Each time some “event” happens — like the Osama tape — every moderate Islamic organization and group in the United States and most of those across the middle east issue statements denouncing terrorism, denouncing Osama, denouncing hate. But we never hear it — our networks and newspapers don’t consider such statements or press releases “newsworthy” enough to bother with, so they are doomed to a short life on the news wire and little else. However, our media outlets will then go on the air and ask “why haven’t the moderate Muslims spoken out against terrorism?” and batt their eyes innocently, as if they have no idea they’re generating a lot of sensationalist hate by suppressing these statements.

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