Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Here’s my controversial statement for…  §

Here’s my controversial statement for the day: John Walker should not be charged with a crime, least of all treason, and should instead be stripped of his citizenship and deported to Afghanistan.

Why? How can I say this? Here’s why: the United States was not at war with the Taliban when John Walker joined them. It would be a scary precedent indeed to be able to convict a citizen of treason based on actions taken before any declaration of war occurs — then everyone from foreign aid workers to pilgrims to immigrants would have to fear that in ten, twenty or fifty years their actions might suddenly become treasonous in the United States. Furthermore, he was not involved in the terrorist attacks on the United States, but in fighting against the United Front (a.k.a. Northern Alliance) who were at that time not yet our allies. Thus, to convict John Walker of anything in a civil or military court would be tantamount to retroactive application of guilt by association.

That is not justice. That is prejudice. That’s my opinion. Anyway…

I woke up this morning, stood up, and my clothing fell off. It turns out that Quincy (a.k.a. “the cat”) had chewed the buttons off of my gear while I slept and they were laying here and there. What the hell?! I hope this behavior isn’t a permanent sort of thing — the last thing this cat needs is yet another bit of neurosis, especially if it means I’ll have to start depending on zippers all the time.

Today I am really missing the studying I used to do a long time ago in the film department at school. I tossed around the “film school” idea for a while until I decided that MA/Film was a little too… creative for me. But sometimes I still think about it, just for a moment. I am going to go and pop in a Fellini DVD and throw buttons at the cat to tease him.

Snap is back.

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