Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I just saw some total…  §

I just saw some total fuck from the Wall Street Journal on MSNBC saying that we in the US should “be prepared to invade Saudi Arabia and take control of their oil fields” for our own purposes. One question: Whaat?!

And we wonder why so many people around the world think we in the US are an imperialist power? No, don’t be upset you inferior troglodytes, we’re invading your country, taking your property, destroying your obviously inferior culture and killing your family members for your own damn good. Don’t you feel liberated yet? Take it like a man! Take it like an American! After all, you’re in an American territory now…

The Saudi Arabian government may not be well-liked in the middle east, but the Royal Family have been seen to have their detractors in the UK as well. Surely we aren’t considering invading the UK?!

Oh, I forgot. They’re white and Christian. No need, we already think we have control of them.

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