Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Of course there is a…  §

Of course there is a difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter. If there is none, then America is a nation of terrorists — after all, we began as freedom fighters — and our war against terrorism is nothing more than a nationalist imperial campaign.

The only question, therefore, is what makes a terrorist a terrorist and what makes a freedom fighter a freedom fighter. This, obviously, depends on which side you’re on. Understanding is therefore the key; understanding and discussion. When I was small, I was raised to believe that one should talk rather than hit. Apparently my family was very liberal; prevailing cultural wisdom right now is that talk is usless and hitting is rather fun.

The current cycle in the Aztec calendar ends within the next decade, at which time the entire stream of existence as we know it is predicted to end, replaced by another epoch to which we do not belong.

I would not be surprised if this prediction is close to the truth…

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