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Just got back from the…  §

Just got back from the Women’s 1500m Short Track and Men’s 5000m relay semifinal events at the Salt Lake Ice Center (a.k.a. Delta Center). Very exciting, and very fun to watch. Enjoyed myself thoroughly, even if the final junk food bill (Nachos + Prezels + Sodas) was the better part of $100.00… One thing really bothered me, though. When the events were over, all the Americans packed up and left with their rolled-up flags, emptying out what had been a full building before the medals were awarded. Apparently, nobody has any respect for the athletes of other countries, namely Korea (Gold & Silver) and Bulgaria (Bronze). A little rude, I thought. Never mind. I cheered for them.

Yeah, so I’ve been watching some of the Olympic coverage on TV, too, and I saw the pairs figure skating finals. What do I think? I think this uproar proves that the west has no class. Instead of graciously conceding defeat, we’re determined to make a political battle over it. Meanwhile, we’ve got all of these “armchair judges” who somehow think that anyone is qualified to be a skating judge and decide who won.

Let’s not forget that the Russian long program was technically more difficult than the Canadian long program and that the Russians absolutely dominated in the short program. This is east vs. west sour shit once again and it really stinks.

I feel sorry for the Russian pair. I don’t feel sorry for the Canadian pair, who are demonstrating horrible sportsmanship, appearing on every news broadcast in North America to say “we know we won” in spite of the fact that, by definition, they didn’t.


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