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Ring-wing lunatics drive me nuts….  §

Ring-wing lunatics drive me nuts. Stony-faced, warmongering absolutism is one of the most disgusting things on Earth. The right wing seems to firmly believe that they are touched by the hand of God, granted the inalienable right to the moral high ground. You can’t have a discussion with someone like that, because the value system isn’t concerned with costs and benefits, with pragmatism — it is only concerned with absolute “right” and absolute “wrong” which are justified not by reason but but divine dictate which they believe only they can hear.

Why are we going to invade Iraq? Because, supposedly, they want to kill us. Why is it okay for us to kill them preemptively, without evidence? Because we are good and they are evil. No matter how subtle and pretty the words, they can always be stirred and reduced to that. Our values are simply better, unassailable. We in the west are good and anyone who disagrees with us is evil. This is why we can simply declare an “axis of evil” and attack three countries before they have done anything to us.

“But they have weapons of mass destruction!” the right wing says. So does America. But of course, we have a right to such weapons, because we are right. Iraq, Iran and North Korea should not be allowed to have such weapons because they are wrong.

“But they are dictators!” the right wing says. Of course, we rarely, if ever, kill the dictators. Instead, we typcially kill thousands and thousands of civilians and conscripts into these armies who would rather be at home with their families. But of course, this is a necessary amount of collateral damage, acceptable because we are right.

“But we have interests in those regions!” the right wing says. Perhaps it might be granted that the people of Iraq actually have a greater interest in Iraq than we do? But of course, our interests superecede theirs because we are right.

We are freedom, we are truth, we are light, we are the chosen. Death to all who oppose us, and anyone actually from the west who disagrees with this (as well as all of those damned Frenchies) is actually a cleverly disguised servant of Satan whose opinions don’t matter anyway. Any truly Godfearing person would naturally give his first born to bomb and kill indiscriminantly in the name of all that is right.

And of course then I always hear my favorite accusation: “Well, I can see you’ve had your head filled with liberal propaganda by the damned universities.”

Oh yes, that’s right. Those damned universities have completely fucked me up by (gasp) exposing me to the opinions and lifestyles of others, rather than just white male Christians, and others who are average folks at that, not diplomats or soldiers or other functionaries. Just people. Some of ’em not white. God save us all. Come to think of it, my dad is a darkie. Too bad my mom married him, that probably fucked me up as well… all that international propaganda he spews.

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