Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

As if to drive home…  §

As if to drive home the point that I am now a year older, my nagging back pain of the last week has turned into serious back pain. I can barely move at all this morning and everything hurts. Dammit… All from lifting a little too hard about a week ago (I haven’t done anything strenuous since). I guess I will have to stop lifting weights? Anyone have any suggestions for serious back pain right behind the shoulder blades that keeps you from: turning your head, leaning forward, straightening up, lifting your arms above your shoulders, reaching forward, moving your hand close enough to your mouth to eat or drink…

I look like a fscking 90-year-old, walking all crooked and slow, wincing every step, popping pills. Probably it’s really funny and I’d laugh like an idiot if it wasn’t me.

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