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Andrea Russin and other WTC…  §

Andrea Russin and other WTC families wailing about money are crooks trying to exploit the deaths of their loved ones to get rich. The premise that “we should be able to collect a huge life insurance settlements, full workers’ compensation, full September 11th fund compensation and be able to sue the airlines for everything they’ve got” is offensive enough. Couple that with “my husband’s September 11th fund package should be worth millions more than the settlement some janitor’s family gets because my husband was a CEO and not just a janitor” and you have what amounts to a bunch of greedy New York capitalists completely addicted to their disgusting lifestyle running around hoping to make corpses they obviously never loved anyway into dollars.

It’s disgusting. Compensation should be based on need and the right to sue should be suspended; if every September 11th family files a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against the airlines (whose culpability in this matter is dubious at best), the airlines will all go bust and no-one will get any cash — or the US government will bail them all out and the rich (who else files these damn lawsuits) will get richer once again on the backs of the taxpayers.

Andrea Russin says “it’s the American way.”

Maybe so, but it’s greed plain and simple, and evil as well.

My back is a little better; I can walk and everything now… but it looks like I’ve torn a ligament somewhere against my spinal column and will be sore and weak for months. Damn.

My camera has arrived at Olympus, where they will add a few little things here and there. Cool. Now I just need to afford some extra glass and the hefty battery pack and my system will be all decked out for what I do with it.

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