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I’ve been scammed by my…  §

I’ve been scammed by my credit card company, Capital One, who has managed to wedge me into a trap: I can never cancel the my card, because they have the right to re-open it every time a service I don’t want is re-billed. There is no way provided for me to cancel this service — which they sold to me. And I have been told by several institutions that this is common. So I will forever, for the rest of my life, pay for this service and the card will forever, for the rest of my life, continue to re-open each billing cycle and charge the service to my name, even if I’ve previously closed the account.

This is perfectly legal, apparently, and there is no way out but to refuse to pay, allow it to affect your credit rating, and have collections chasing you around. I’ve talked to Mastercard, and they say that there’s nothing they can do. I’ve forwarded the case to the Utah State Attorney General’s office, but I haven’t heard back from them yet. When I was 16 I swore I would never play the capitalist game because there were too many little traps to own you. Now I wish I’d listened to my own advice.

The lesson: don’t play. Don’t participate in this system of debits and credits, because it is designed only to capture and control you. You think it won’t happen to you? You think I’m making things up? Go to usenet and type in “Capital One” and see how many other people have been eaten alive by the same company’s tactics — they simply take your money without asking and then keep it, and they do this over and over. And because they are the large corporation and you are just some guy, the law is on their side. If you complain or refuse to pay, they will destroy your credit rating and hound you with collectors. Now type in your credit card company and see what other customers have to say about them.

Shocked? You shouldn’t be. We all know the truth about the western economies, we just try to stay in denial. It’s one thing to be sympathetic, it’s another to be a statistic.

Update — Carlos rules. Using his knowledge, skills, and access to a non-Utah phone system, he was able to connect me to a location at Capital One that I haven’t been able to talk to before who purport to have helped me out. We’ll see if it takes. I hope so. And if I ever need consumer protection help again, I may skip the state CPA and AG offices and go straight to Carlos. Proves once again, you can’t win by working within the system… You can only win if you know (or have best friends who know) how to transcend it.

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