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I was listening to a…  §

I was listening to a radio show today on which the host was saying that he thought that Israel should just go into Palestine and kill all of the terrorists and anyone who supports them. Self-defense, he said — this type of offense is the only way to defend against terrorism. A caller asked if the host really wanted all Palestinians to be killed. The host said that no, he thought 75% of the Palestinians were not in favor of terrorist activities and only the other 25% should be killed — only the evil ones. Let’s forget about the accuracy of his numbers for a moment or the fact that the Palestinians don’t consider themselves terrorists at all, even the ones who carry out bombings.

So… only 25% of the Palestinian population… this particular radio announcer thinks only a million or so need to be killed. Just a million. Because they’re evil. Of course, such a mass “enforcement” will create a health crisis, even for Israel nearby — a million bodies! We’ll have to be able to dispose of them in a sanitary matter. Really this can only be done by incineration. So — in the interest of “good” and defeating “evil” all we need to do is march into Palestine, kill a million humans and then dispose of them in ovens.

Hmm, I guess that’s only… what… 1/6th as bad as Hitler?

Oh… we’ve forgotten about margin of error — in that million, we’re bound to get some wrong… accidentally nail some innocent people, accidentally miss some terrorists… you know. So let’s be really generous and allow for a margin of error of only one percent either way in the midst of this chaos. No problem, we’ve only killed 10,000 people that all sides agree are innocent and let 10,000 of the “evil” ones go in the midst of our Oven Farm Mark II.

Reminds me of my crazy uncle. He’s wrong when he says that good and evil are real even on a large scale and must be dealth with by good men with good guns. This mentality is a recipe for disaster. There is no good; there is no evil. There is only a small planet in the middle of a large universe filled with a few billion humans and a few billion different motives. The belief in good and evil causes us to do things like rationalize the killing — on all sides.

Where does everyone think terrorism comes from in the first place? You think the average suicide bomber wakes up in the morning like a James Bond villian and says “Haha! I’m an evil, completely evil fiend and I’m going to destroy you all!”

No. The problem with the suicide bomber, as was the case with Hitler, as is the case with the settlers, is the certainty that he is going to heaven and his enemies are not.

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