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Israel wouldn’t simply allow the…  §

Israel wouldn’t simply allow the Palestinians to become citizens in a large unified country because this would have threatened the “Jewish character of Israel.” Similarly, they wouldn’t allow right of return for refugees or return to 1967 UN borders or give east Jerusalem to the Palestinians because these things would also have threatened the “Jewish character of Israel.” Of course the Palestinians wouldn’t simply agree to live on an indian reservation, so the fighting continues to this day.

Why was the US okay with this? We would not have refused to liberate the slaves on grounds that such a move would have compromised the “white character of America.” Similarly, we would not have refused to admit Irish immigrants using the reason that to do so would have compromised the “Protestant character of America.” Would we have used our military to keep Native Americans confined to the reservations because it threatened the “western european character of America?”

So what made Israel so special that they could begin to practice apartheid and religious and ethnic discrimination with impunity, when we claim to hate these things so fully as a nation and indeed as the collective West?

Was turning a blind eye merely a matter of trying to make up for collective guilt? If so, maybe we can dispense with this nonsense in the future, since my generation suffers from no such guilt…

Of course, now it is too late for such considerations anyway. Now, there is too much hate and they must be kept apart.

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