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I’ve said it once before,…  §

I’ve said it once before, I’ll say it again: pushing and keeping Arabs and non-Jews out to preserve the “Jewish nature of Israel” is not a morally sound position; it is Nazism. It is what pushed the Jews out of Europe in the midst of a horrific holocaust. “Never again” should not mean “Never again the Jews” and anyone who says otherwise is equivocating about Hitler. Pure and simple.

Now, the city of Dallas has trumped up hundreds of drug charges against minorities and “helped” federal authorities to toss them into prison… and only recently do defense attorneys finally test the “evidence” and find that the seized “drugs” are not cocaine at all, but white gypsum, the stuff that the walls are made of. Now there are massive investigations into corruption in law enforcement.

Considering that 70% of the people in the US prison system are there because of drug-related charges, and considering just how heavily laden with minorities this prison population is, it occurs to me that tens of thousands of people might be in jail for years or for life simply because someone wanted them there. Why exactly where they targeted? A large portion of them are in the federal system. It makes you wonder…

What about all those people in jail saying the drugs were planted, but for whom no evidence remains by time of appeal because the “drugs” that were used as evidence originally have been destroyed or “misplaced” or those for whom the judge refuses to allow such testing of the evidence to see if it is actually cocaine at all? If I was one of them, I’d be ready to kill myself.

This is being reported by the mainstream American media, folks. Gonna try and say it’s foreign propaganda now? Communist plot? Terrorist plan? Envy by the non-whites?

Heh… Right. For some of you, and you know who you are… “This could be you.”

Meanwhile, all of the defense attorneys for the Islamic Group are now being endicted for supporting terrorism. How much would you like to bet that fewer defense attorneys are now ready to defend John Walker or anyone at Camp X-Ray? Or that anyone who does… somehow ends up in prison? Maybe for “supporting terrorism” or maybe just for “distributing cocaine” much to the shock of their family and friends…

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