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The fact that anyone thinks…  §

The fact that anyone thinks Arafat should be able to stop suicide bombings is flabbergasting to me.

Misters Harris and Klebold — a couple of kids from a smallish area in Colorado with an efficient, modern police force — were able to cook up an entire room full of bombs and get their hands on tons of weapons all while authorities were powerless to stop them and were unaware of their intentions. Their only motive was rage and their killing was indiscriminate. Yet they grew up in an affluent society not under military occupation.

Now we have Arafat sitting beneath one of the largest piles of rubble anywhere in the world without electricity or running water, his entire security force dissolved and arrested, his entire population subject to a brutal, decades-long military occupation without the right to influence the course of their lives at all or even to visit the ocean just a few miles away because it is reserved for Israelis — and he is supposed to find those one or two angry people in four million, in a densely populated area, and somehow singlehandedly stop them from acting on their incredible rage, all while dodging tanks and machine gun fire.

It’s nuts. Israel has guaranteed that these suicide bombings will go on for the next fifty years because of Palestinian rage. Israel is going to have to accept that there is only one way to peace: have the courage to withdraw and then sustain suicide bombings for years until hope can be rebuilt in the occupied territories.

Otherwise, they can just get bombed until Arabic growth demographics push them into the ocean — an inevtiable occurance given current birth rates in the region.


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