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Here is perhaps the best article I’ve seen about the problem Israel is facing and the ethical subtexts thereof. Note the author’s use of the term ‘apartheid’ toward the end.

To the American media: why can’t you come up with reasoned op-ed pieces like this, instead of simply spewing hate and misinformation all the time? Why do you take the same stupid, simplistic view of anyone east of the “green line” whether in Palestine, in Afghanistan, or in China?

Watching Larry King Weekend tonight I’m laughing once again at the Israeli naivet&eacute. They repeat over and over again that they won’t negotiate with Arafat because he’s a crook, so they want to negotiate with someone else. They seem oblivious to the fact that there are four million people behind Arafat — four million people who did not vote for Sharon because they do not have a vote in Israel, but who did vote for Arafat in the only election Israel has allowed in the territories — four million people who support Arafat at a level of 90% or more right now, today.

Through all of this, Israel just continues to talk about Arafat and about terror while ignoring the real issue. It is almost as though Israelis completely discount, with contempt, they very existence of the Palestinian peoples — as though they’re a myth from a storybook, or from a Nazi propaganda sheet somewhere. As though it’s just Yassir Arafat and a few teenage boys standing in the middle of the desert tossing rocks over the border.

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