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Nothing pisses me off more…  §

Nothing pisses me off more than people who argue that “science as a whole is a religion just like any other, and it is just as dependent on faith.”

Of course they write these sorts of articles while sitting at their computer using a word processor in an artificially lit, centrally air-conditioned room on a nice vinyl office chair. They then submit the article to their editor using e-mail over a telephone line. Afterward, they go hop into their car to go out to a safe, hygenic dinner and then to a movie.

If you have no idea what any of this has to do with science, then you’re clearly a product of the American educational system.

In the end, canonized science is purely a matter of works and the entirety of the history of the modern lifestyle is easily seen in the timeline of the sciences. You don’t need faith, you have your electricity, your plastic, your pacemaker and your car to demonstrate the value of the scientific method.

Yes, there are serious drawbacks to this “modern lifestyle” but that is a separate issue. When the luminaries at the Christian Coalition stand up to tell you that “the scientific method is all a pile of lies from Satan’s mouth,” what proof are they offering in return to show that the mic they’re speaking into is indeed just a figment of your tempted imagination?

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