Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Keyes…  §

A.Keyes: (toward televisionc camera) “All God damned heathen darkies must die. Women and children especially, the Satan spawn breed like flies! What I find really interesting is that so many people refuse to read the Bible correctly — a bible which clearly says that all God damned heathen darkies must die.”

Phone rings on Keyes’ desk. He picks up.

A.Keyes: “Hello?”

Cut to White House.

G.Bush: (into telephone) “Shut the fuck up, you ugly nigger! I already got one of you who won’t keep his black ass shut. I’ll lose the darkie vote! I wish I was still in Texas, we know what to do with folks like you down there! Hmm, I need some barbecue…”

R.Cheney: (stepping into oval office) “Mr. President, I think we need to moderate our statements, or the negroes and the Red Lobby may swing the next election away from us. Damn gooks —Oh! Oh! My heart! (yelling) Get me back to the medi-bunker, quick!”

C.Powell: (running into the office) “Mr. Secretary, lay down! I’ll call an ambulance! Here, let me start CPR!”

G.Bush: “Oh damn, now I got two niggers to deal with. Get your black hands off him, G! Just get that ambulance. Hey, where the fuck is Ashcroft? How many turbs he kill today? (looks at Cheney, on floor) We got a bet goin’, you know. More than a hundred in a day is an extra side of beef on the barbecue!”

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