Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

The US is a hypoctritical…  §

The US is a hypoctritical totalitarian nation at heart. We argue vociferously, in the most loaded terms possible, for the self-determination of other peoples. Then, we say to them that if we don’t like their leadership, we will ignore their votes or the popularity of their leaders, and will refuse to acknowledge them as such.

Well, do we want people to have self-determination or don’t we?

The answer is that we want self-determination for the population of the US only, and we want dictatorial control over other populations, including the right to insert and prop up whatever regime we prefer — whatever regime is convenient for us and most specifically, for our incomes.

“Democracy” — what a joke! We want democracy like we want peace — for ourselves, and favorable to us, only!

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