Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I was pretty euphoric when…  §

I was pretty euphoric when I made that last entry. I’ve actually been having a pretty unstable couple of weeks, and that last entry was right in the middle of a paradoxical period of incredible high which had guilt, or at least culpability, as its cause.

Now I’ve sorted things out and I’m more stable. Laying off the caffiene for a while, for good reason, it seems to have triggered a bit of mentalwanderlust.

I don’t retract the last entry, but I think perhaps it is a little more exhuberant and strongly worded than is appropriate. Mike is indeed a great guy. I don’t take that back at all… Nor do I retract the regret of telling someone not to say they love me (ugh, that’s an evil thing to do indeed)… But the lesson I learned is not necessarily the huge instantly-life-changing, perspective-granting victory I’ve just described. I was just out of balance and on an upswing, without realizing it.

I’ve calmed down now and regained my head; my week+ of all-over-the-place seems to be over. Thank goodness.

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