Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Whale & wasp. Repeat. Still…  §

Whale & wasp. Repeat. Still working. Also, some inkling of why I draw the conclusions I do has crept in tonight, and now that I know that I’m not wrong, things are gnawing at me again. Damn.

I am still sitting here writing, as I have been all day, trying to create useful content with a minimum of cruft and little or no confusion. Not always easy, not easy at all. When I draw up proposals, in inevitably underestimate the complexity and nuance inherent in what I’m trying to accomplish. This time around the block, things are no different.

After this project, the next will either involve music or photography and will be less profit-oriented and more cause-oriented. I haven’t decided what it’s to be yet. I wanna help out, you know?

And I need to begin working on serious plans for what I’m going to do with next summer. It’s a huge opportunity for creation; what’s to be the angle? Is it a writing trip? A shooting trip? What am I looking for? I don’t want to stumble through it, pointing to this and that in delight, only to find when I get back that all I’ve done is provide myself with light entertainment.

I’ve just found a bug in my page generation code for IE users.

I will find the meaning behind life yet. Don’t believe it? Watch me. Watch me.

Whale & wasp. Repeat.

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