Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

It’s a bittersweet feeling waking…  §

It’s a bittersweet feeling waking up after dreaming about someone special that you’d forgotten you love because they are beyond your reach… I so wish I didn’t feel things the way I do. Life kills me.

Well I’m awake now. Back to work once again.

And I have to hook back up with the kids at the department once again to see if we can get me a graduate school going on for next fall. Things have changed; at the end of our last episode, linguistics and languages were the order of the day. This episode, the humanities are back with a vengeance and journalism is hiding in the shadows.

I just looked again at the proof print I made last night. It is still beautiful. I am rather stunned. There are three people in my life who need to get my first three prints from the new project. I love all of them, in different ways. I suppose I love everyone alive, in some odd way… though I don’t quite know if I can explain that just now.

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