Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

God I’m happy. I feel…  §

God I’m happy. I feel good. Very good. There’s a vibe in having made a decision that really gets you feeling right. Plus, I saw that same cute little Hugh Grant film again tonight, and I totally identify with it. That’s a good vibe, too. I am cool, cool, cool, and optimistic about the future. Life is as short as ever and that’s good, too. I feel like taking some serious risks.

And my art is going well, too.

Remember Screaming Trees? Temple of the Dog? Mad Season? These are my youth, these are the sounds that bring me back home again. It’s good, it’s all good.

And of course, death to all those who have ever beaten me.

Shame I won’t feel this good when I wake up (work to do, even on a Sunday) but right now I’m cool. Alone and without immediate things to do, but very cool nonetheless. Too bad there’s nobody around to share the vibe with. But that’s life.

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