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The Right has a great…  §

The Right has a great deal to answer for. Devout people have a great deal to answer for. “God” and “America” both have a great deal to answer for. It is time to smash them both. Children should be beyond nationality and beyond petty, selfish morality — raised in the humanist tradition, to respect one another, history, the environment, work of all kinds, and most of all, themselves and their own human natures.

Some days I say things like this as some sort of exercise in polemics, at least superficially… But then there are days like today, when I feel it, when I feel it at the core of who I am. “God” does not make people happy; “God” makes some people numb and others maladjusted and hateful. America no longer contributes anything of value to the world, if it ever did at all (consider, if you will, slavery in the balance, among other things). Instead, America pollutes, exploits, and makes war endlessly, lowering the standards of living and the levels of happiness for people beyond its borders everywhere.

I have grown very tired of August 2002. Very tired indeed. I am hungry for my advance check so that I can send these applications, so that, in turn, I will have something to look forward to.

There are some days when I believe myself to be very good at organ damage.

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