Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Don’t know how I feel…  §

Don’t know how I feel right now. Relieved, in a way. But also sad. Still, it’s best to have things out and now eventually they can be well again.

On a separate note, it’s always fun to see all of the red ink that editors have left for you. Growl. Don’t ever do this, but I will now because just today it feels like a photo is in order. Aron the writer/artist, after weeks of grunge music and cheap booze:

If you think this is lookin’ shaggy, you should see the jeans I’m wearing. I feel almost seventeen again.

So anyway, that’s how it is, on both counts. Add a little hollow to your day.

The song of the year once again is… Interstate Love Song. Can’t think of a single set of chords I’ve played more over the years. Everybody sing along now.

leavin on a southern train
only yesterday you you lied
promises of what i seemed to be
only watched the time go by
all of these things you said to me
breathing is the hardest thing to do
with all i’ve said and all that’s dead for you…

Where are you, ah gong? I am once again unsure of myself, alone and not understanding how it is all supposed to work… surely you know… what I am looking for now?

I’m too broke to medicate me. I suppose that’s a good thing…

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