Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

All my life has been…  §

All my life has been nothing but pain, from the months as an infant when my mother couldn’t hold me to the beatings and race hate to the “genius” label which kept me away from the other people and made me a curiosity unto myself, full of promise and nothing more.

All I’ve ever wanted is a place where I didn’t have to be afraid any longer… where I could be myself and nothing more or less… but there isn’t one, is there? There isn’t anywhere or anything other than this… this life.

I am so exhaused… so tired of everything. When do I finally get my ticket home, to where the snow is falling in November and the hugs are warm and I don’t have to ‘be strong and survive’ any longer?

How much longer can I be bothered to care…

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