Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I know I’m going to…  §

I know I’m going to be arrested sooner or later during this War on Terror, because this is exactly the sort of thing I’d say. I’m part eastern. I know exactly how much Americans hate people like me, I grew up dealing with it, getting into fights because of it. And now it’s so much worse! Since 9/11, I’ve been told on three separate occasions, point-blank, that I look like a terrorist. I take that at face value. Obviously, to a lot of white people, I look like a terrorist. I can’t imagine how much worse it must be to actually be from the middle east or to have an Arabic name.

I can just see myself in a situation where some jackass is harassing me and I shoot back with, “Yeah, and it’s a good thing you’re harassing me like this because naturally I’ve got a bomb and if you don’t stop me, I’m going to blow you up in the name of Allah.”

And then of course I’d be in cuffs, getting dragged down the street by the FBI asshole squad while I said under my breath:

“Shit… I guess I shouldn’t have said that.”

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