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Danger in the 21st century.  §

The face of danger in the 21st century has now been revealed, and it is truly terrifying. Americans are on the verge of living in an expansionist military dictatorship which seeks nothing less than global rule. The most shocking thing of all is that we no longer even seek to disguise it.

Those of you about to e-mail me with a lot of static… have you read the document? This new “Bush Doctrine” as it is being called basically says:

We will attack whomever we want, whenever we want to — without asking anyone. Furthermore, we plan to spend, on an ongoing basis, as much as is necessary to have more and better weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, than any other nation on the planet — in order to preserve our ability to attack whomever we want, whenever we want to — with impunity!

It is the arms race of the Cold War reinstated and coupled with a first strike policy — with suitably vague criteria for first strike decisions that any presidential whim could potentially be considered adequate cause. Watch congress over the coming weeks, folks, because they’re all that stands between us and disaster. Unfortunately, the Bush administration has managed to force the issue just before an election in a society still dominated by fears about terrorism — it is a politically brilliant power play by a very hungry administration. And it is scary.

The world as we know it may be over. The United Nations has been undermined, the moral high ground has been lost (as though we ever had it); the final great superpower has just announced that it has both the means and the will to control the entire globe, from top to bottom.

Let World War III, the War of Civilizations, begin.

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