Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I wish Barton Fink was…  §

I wish Barton Fink was available on DVD. I need to watch the film again — to be reminded that one can’t help or adequately discuss the plight of the world’s workers without first respecting them and agreeing not to idealize them. To see each person as a person, flawed and individual and proud, not as a cause, archetypal and needy, is the first key to the ability to make a difference.

It’s too easily forgotten. It’s too easy to invest in “the life of the mind” at the expense of the muddy faces standing in front of you. It’s too easy to sit around and indulge oneself in one’s own pretentions… to ignore the fact that simply joining a union and spouting off about this outrage and that one does not bring one any closer to understanding what it is to be a dock worker or a steel worker or anyone who does a serious day’s work for his or her own family, not giving much of a damn about the life of any functionary’s mind. But somehow now I seem to be doing it again…

Guess I need to dig out the VHS copy.

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