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My anecdotal findings on the…  §

My anecdotal findings on the GRE CAT: statistically, this test is utter crap. I have taken three sample exams from Kaplan tonight. On a quantitative test with a possible score range of 200-800, I have scored 450, 570 and 730, not in that order. My verbal scores have fluctuated almost as much. There is no upward or downward trend in either over the last few days.

These tests were all taken under nearly identical circumstances, between noon and 10.00 PM using the same work area. Obviously I am using the same mind and the same set of eyeballs each time.

I have decided to stop studying and practicing for the test and just go to bed. It feels like a crap shoot anyway. Very frustrating.

Had I known how poorly this test was designed — had I known that my scores on the component exams might fluctuate 300 points from test to test — I would have allowed myself time to take the exam four or five times over the space of a year.

As things are now, this is basically the one shot I get, unless my applictions are to be postponed for yet another year.

Like I said last night, this sucks.

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