Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Having been very pleasantly awakened…  §

Having been very pleasantly awakened in the wee hours, I now find myself at something of a loose end. Back to sleep? Doesn’t look like it. So, I suppose I will now get a jump-start (having taken the GRE already) on trying to come up with a deeper, more specific set of research goals.

I believe I find myself interested in considering and of course studying whatever it is that occurs at the intersection between political economy and media semiotics in the developing nations of the east, especially on the individual or small population level. What exactly this means is not even clear to me. So I guess I’ll hang around for a few hours and try to make it into something both more clear and more sane.

God, I adore the early morning hours. I look at my clocks right now and together they tell me silently that it is 2.07 AM. I love them for it, every one. It is dark and quiet and there is a little rain outside, and I love that, too.

I have stumbled into a sudden moment of gratitude. My undergraduate study was a success beyond anything I could have hoped for. Then, I was able to travel throughout much of 2002, seeing family and friends and meeting interesting people along the way. I have just finished my third book. I have taken my exams and will be in a Ph.D. program next year — after I return from travel through China and Russia with one of my best friends. And, as if all of that weren’t enough, my cat is diminutive and white and likes me immensely.

Thank you, world. Life is good.

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