Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Sometimes an incredible feeling of…  §

Sometimes an incredible feeling of optimism breaks through the boundaries of your defenses and fills the moment with hope and familiarity. Someday, we will all be happy together, in this small blue world of ours. I am sure of it. Perhaps not soon. Or perhaps sooner than any of us think.

I am happy to be a budding anthropologist. I am incredibly grateful to have accidentally stumbled onto a worldview that I love so much. I can feel our collective soul, speaking to me from today and from aeons ago as well.

I wish I could give this optimism to my friends and family, so that they could feel it, too… But at least I can hold it, keep it, in case at some point they are able to hear it, to receive it.

Everything is beautiful. Life is beautiful.

I’d better go before this becomes truly tacky.   😉

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