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As someone who has chosen…  §

As someone who has chosen the ‘anthropologist’ label for myself, I am very aware of my own cultural biases and actively try to compensate for them whenever possible, especially if engaged in petty moralizing (which, let’s face it, we all tend to do).

My father, on the other hand, has a greater number of very egregious cultural biases than almost anyone I’ve ever met in my entire life, yet he is completely unaware of them and will never understand (or will always refuse to acknowledge) that there even exist such things as cultural biases. Worse, he will happily moralize from sunrise to sunet about even the most sensitive of topics, without any account for the feelings of others, myself included. I love my father, of course, but sometimes he makes me so incredibly angry that I simply have to call him fscking nuts and end the conversation abruptly, rather than continue to listen to his prophecies and admonitions. I hate doing it, though, because I know it hurts his feelings especially badly when I do such things because I am “his son” (more cultural bias, probably too much to explain here).

Now I hate the fact that I have even posted this. But I have.

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