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Someone just tried to scam…  §

Someone just tried to scam me. I got a piece of e-mail claiming to be from eBay saying that I needed to verify my account because I was under investigation for fraud. Following the link in the e-mail led me to a page that looked like an eBay “verification” page asking for all kinds of juicy details like my social security number, my credit card number, my driver’s license number, and so on to “help with the investigation” and “verify more quickly.”

Of course, the headers were forged — the mail listed the From: domain as ebay.com but the message was actually routed through an IP that resolves to AT&T Broadband (a service provider) and the page looked like an eBay page but it wasn’t hosted at the eBay domain — instead it was hosted behind an IP that led to Angelfire. D’oh! There’s fraud here, but not from me!

I just feel sorry for all the people who fill out this “eBay” form for “verification” to “help” with the “investigation” and then find out a month later that their identity has been stolen.

In case anyone doesn’t know: never give your social security number, driver’s license number, mother’s maiden name, or credit card number in response to any e-mail from anywhere, or even on a Web site linked from an e-mail, because no matter how legit it looks… it isn’t. Your identity will be stolen like that (snaps fingers).

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