Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

So I got into my…  §

So I got into my car earlier intending to run a few errands and I realized that I had no headlights. Mildly upsetting — I’m not used to anything being wrong with my car. The fuses check out so I think I blew a relay, but then what the hell do I know, I’m no mechanic. Oh well, I’ll get to one in a moment. Or Monday, maybe, since tomorrow is Us vs. Them day in this city and I have to wear red and act stupidly for my old school.

Geez, what a dump I’m running here. Got to clean up a little this weekend. Don’t want to rush headlong into the holiday season atop a pile of rubbish and miscellany. Heh… there’s a phrase. Rubbish and miscellany. Yeah… Really, it’s rather early in the morning. I can’t be held responsible for this entry at all.


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