Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

With the holiday season in…  §

With the holiday season in the city comes the pollution and the insane traffic. You can barely see a hundred yards in some parts of the city before everything gets lost in the gray-yellow haze.

And the driving is absolutely crap. I was on the 15-201 interchange today and some guy in a Jetta with his daughter in the back seat cut me off at high speed. Not cut me off as in not giving me much room — cut me off as in if I hadn’t slammed on my brakes and swerved up against the barrier, the front of my car would have gone straight into the side of his, just where his daugher was sitting. When we got off 201 and were waiting for the read light at the intersection, the guy starts bitching out his window at me about “morons” and “Volvo drivers” and all kinds of other nonsense. And only moments before I had basically saved his daugher’s life after he so cavalierly put it in jeopardy. Apparently he would have preferred that I smash right into her with the front of my Volvo.

Moving on to other things… Tech note of the day: I’m in the middle of a PC transition. The I/O monster is finally going after all these years of evolving. Final specs: 1.33 GHZ SMP (dual Tualatin), 1.5GB RAM, dual LVD SCSI, dual 10/100 bonded Ethernet, dual SVHS-in. It’s being replaced by a silent, ultra-low power pen-based PIII machine that takes up about as much room as a textbook, display and all. The DVD-RAM, 8505XL and CD-R will be moved to the new system and connected via USB.

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