Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

YES! Rocky Anderson fscking rules….  §

YES! Rocky Anderson fscking rules. The whole downtown thing seems unsolvable, out of control, doomed to split Salt Lake City down the middle in some kind of holy war. So what does he do?

He works out a deal exchanging the disputed area of downtown for a huge addition to the community center in my neighborhood, Glendale — something sorely needed. Rocky figures out a way to save the city and save the kids of the poorest neighborhood in Salt Lake City at the same time. The near west side gets new enhancements to health, education and after-school services and the Mormon fscking church gets its precious “conversion mall” downtown. Finally, an equitable solution.

If Salt Lake City doesn’t re-elect Rocky next time around, we don’t deserve him anyway. What a guy. What a guy!

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